Aade Lõng

Geen afbeelding ingesteld

Since year 1969. we spin and make thread from wool. Experiences over many years have helped us to gain high quality and respect of our customers. Beginning of company our main product was solid colour yarn only in natural shades. For today we have added to our product list different solid colours and Artistic yarn, carded wool and woollen.
It is great news that handicraft and natural materials are desired more and more every day.
"All Aade Lõng products are produced of 100% natural wool from sheep, which assures natural and environmental friendliness. Products of natural wool from sheep can at the beginning seem a little harsh for your skin. We can assure all products are natural and friendly to your skin.  Structure and composition of natural wool will assure natural warmth of our products.

In our products we use only high quality wool, which mostly originates from Sweden, Australia and New-Zealand as well as from local Estonian sheep-farmers."